Jello And Chantilly Cream

Jello And Chantilly Cream


  • Vegetarian jello packs 2 (I used foster clark brand 85 gm each, mango and cherry flavors)
  • Boiling water 225 millilitre (for each jello)
  • Walnuts and peanuts roasted and chopped 3 tablespoon
  • Heavy cream 1 cup (Chantilly cream)
  • Granulated sugar or castor sugar 2 tablespoon
  • Chocolate shavings 2 tbsp
  • Butter 1 tablespoon


Bring the water to a rolling boil.

Set each of the jellos separately using 225 millilitre of boiling water for each.

Let it come down to room temperature and then refrigerate it until set for almost 3 hours.

Beat the cream until stiff peaks are formed.

Do not over beat the cream.

The bowl and the whisk should be chilled before beating the cream around 20 minutes. Pop them in the freezer.

Use caster sugar accordingly. Do not add much. I used 2 tablespoon only.

For 2 cups of cream, use 1 cup of heavy cream.

This cream can be kept refrigerated for almost 2 hours before use.

Roast the nuts in a tablespoon of butter to add some crunch.

After the jello is set, invert the bowl over a serving plate.

Scoop generous dollops of cream over it.

Sprinkle some chocolate shavings and the roasted nuts.

Enjoy it chilled.

Isn't that look amazingly beautiful !!! This is nothing but two of my favourite jellos with cream and chocolate shavings topped with roasted nuts like walnuts and peanuts. It is as simple as that. Nothing to do much in this. It has to be just you and your imagination to whip up this stunner. It will surely enliven any of your party's ambience, touchwood!!!


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